19 Inch 5×120 CR1


This set is normally $11,999 retail pricing. One of our customers sent in his previous set of wheels as a trade in for a new set of wheels. This is the only reason we can sell this set this low. This particular set is in stock and ready to be shipped/built. Normal build time is 6-8 weeks for custom made 3 piece wheels. The in stock 3 piece sets with this low of pricing only last a couple days. Act fast before they are sold.

Made for 2004 BMW M3
5×120 72.56 (can make larger or include hubcentric rings)
19×11 ET14
19×12.5 ET0
Real Gold 24KT centers ($2500 option)
Real Gold 24KT lips ($2500 option)

The original customer spent over $12,000 on these wheels.

The centers and lips are finished in REAL 24KT Gold.

Wheels have an extreme concave hook lip center ($2000 option)

We can swap out the gold lips to chrome and change the specifications slightly at no additional cost. We can also make the wheels wider or more narrow, for no additional cost.